Hambrick-Ferguson Inc.

Serving over 50 years of quality mechanical room equipment in Oklahoma and Western Arkansas, Hambrick-Ferguson is the number one source for mechanical sales, service, and accessories.

Opened in 1962, Hambrick-ferguson has served the HVAC, Plumbing, Municipal, and Industrial markets. Our trained staff and expert service personnell are ready to help you with your project!

In this day and age, a company needs to maintain flexibility in everyday HVAC needs. We strive to be the best manufacturer's representative in our territory and can only achieve this by being backed up by the best manufacturer's in the world. Please see our manufacturer's listing for all equipment represented. Our recent addition is the Variable Refrigerent Flow market, as we believe this will be a strong player in the very near future.


Welcoming the new SAMSUNG DVMS VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery System capable of having the highest SEER, IEER, and COP ratings in the industry.

With custom compressor designs, no more oil balancing lines, and vibrationless design will continue to give us the longest piping runs in the industry with 20% more heating/cooling per tonnage than competition. With our continued use of Vapor Injection technology, we can diversify up to 130% without capacity issues during the harshest of seasons. Please See our Brochure for the new DVMS System. We now offer 3/460V with 6,8,10,12 Ton Condensers and simple commissioning reporting.

Give us a call, and we can start designing the perfect VRF system for your residential or commercial application.

Posted - 2/25/13 - Michael Whittaker