Cleaver-Brooks provides a wide range of firetube and watertube steam and hot water boilers. Ranging from the smallest 42 lbs/hr electric to the Industrial 1,000,000+lb/hr unit, Cleaver-Brooks has it all. With specialties in the steam industry, Cleaver-Brooks is the leader in heat recovery. Deaerators, Boiler Feed Units, Economizers and Flash Recovery Units are just some of the innovative pieces of equipment that Cleaver-Brooks can provide with each boiler order.


Flex Tube



Industrial Watertube

Waste Heat

Need a Burner Retrofit or a Re-Control of your existing Cleaver-Brooks Boiler or other Boiler Manufacturer, Hambrick-Ferguson is capable of recontrolling your boiler, for better efficiencies and optimizations.



With our knowledgeable staff and factory support, a Cleaver-Brooks boiler could provide you the heat you require and still maintain the efficiencies that you deserve.

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