Lochinvar is a leading commercial and residential boiler manufacturer with intensive research and development in all their products. With focus in quality and serviceability, Lochinvar's boilers are some of the best.

Lochinvar® has taken the fire-tube concept in an innovative new direction with the CREST® modulating-condensing boiler. With sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 MMBtu/hr, you finally have the opportunity to utilize Lochinvar's leading-edge technology in your largest applications. With thermal efficiencies up to 99% in low water temperature applications, CREST is positioned to provide exceptional energy-saving performance. The advanced CREST introduces a combustion system with a unique burner design with up to 25:1 turndown. The burner fires into an array of 316L stainless steel fire-tubes that transfer the heat to the surrounding water with exceptional high efficiency. CREST communicates seamlessly and in real time with building management systems by utilizing an on-board MODBUS protocol. The SMART TOUCH™ control has a built-in cascading component that communicates with up to eight units, providing total command without an external control or complex and expensive control logic programming by the BMS integrator. Yes, innovative fire-tube boiler technology integrated with our SMART TOUCH™ operating control makes the CREST a genuine game-changer among commercial boilers.


SYNC Boiler Lochinvar’s commitment to research and development once again brings innovation to the industry! The SYNC Commercial Boiler combines stainless steel heat exchanger technology with Modulating Condensing combustion to deliver efficiencies as high as 98% in low temperature applications. With models at 1.0, 1.3 and 1.5 million BTU/hr inputs, SYNC will serve a large range of commercial applications and add the “green” touch that building owners and facility managers desire. SYNC also reaches high levels of innovation with SMART TOUCH™… touchscreen technology that puts total operational control at your fingertips! With SMART TOUCH, it’s easier than ever to set up a perfectly synchronized “green” system, and access a complete onboard database of real-time operational data and performance history. Other features in SYNC with your needs include space-saving footprints, direct-vent design with intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet, and a built-in cascading sequencer for up to 8 boilers, delivering up to 12 million BTU/hr heating capacity. Link up with SYNC…the mod/con boiler that’s touched by innovation in every way.

Knight XLKnight

Knight The KNIGHT® XL, engineered with Lochinvar’s exclusive SMART SYSTEM™ control and an array of other innovative features, places it far ahead of any commercial heating boiler in its class. It promises and delivers ultimate ease of installation and maintenance. With up to 94.6% thermal efficiency, low-NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner, it is the best ”green choice” for today’s environmentally focused market. Five modulating/condensing stainless steel KNIGHT XL boilers are available with 399,000–800,000 Btu/hr inputs and remarkably small space-saving footprints. All are equipped for direct-vent installation with air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet using PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene or AL29-4C vent materials. This range of choices is ideal for light-duty applications such as small hotels, schools and office buildings. For higher-demand applications, up to eight KNIGHT XL units can be installed utilizing the built-in cascading sequencer to deliver up to 6.4 million Btu/hr heating capacity. THE KNIGHT XL BOILER reflects Lochinvar’s constant commitment to providing all the options you need to serve every application.

Vertical Non-Condensing Boilers


Power-FinIn 1986, Power-Fin® redefined the water heating industry with space-saving design, groundbreaking efficiency and venting flexibility. Twenty years later, we’re again raising the standard for innovation, reliability and LEED-conscious design. The latest generation of Power-Fin offers expanded burner modulation and the advanced SMART SYSTEM™ operating control, including a built-in cascading sequencer for up to eight boilers. In today’s market, sophisticated, versatile control systems and equipment that meets “green building” criteria are increasingly in demand. Power-Fin boilers continue to evolve, with new “Built-in Advantages” from Lochinvar.

Horizontal Non-condensing Boilers

Copper-Fin IICopper-Fin

Copper-Fin Non-condensing Boilers are another specialty to Lochinvar ranging from 40,000btu/h thru 2,070,000 btu/h a vast range of building applications can be accomodated through copper-finned boilers. With both Horizontal and Vertical designs, with options of stacking boilers, there is no application these boilers will not be able to fit. Designed to fit through most commercial doorways with standard electrical and gas requirements, these are some of the most versatile hydronic boilers in the country.

Electric Heating and Steam Boilers

Lochinvar supplies a wide range of electric steam and hydronic heating boilers. ranging from 15KW all the way through 3600KW, there is no job to large. Units are avaiable in compact design and carry a 3-year tank limited warranty as a standard. We are more than happy to assist in sizing the heat exchanger, with just a few questions answered on surface area and pool dimensions, we can get your pool heated for the cooler months.

Pool and SPA Heaters

Lochinvar Has a wide range of residential and commericial ranging from 150,000 btu/h to 2,070,000 btu/h in capacities with high combustion and thermal efficiencies. Pool packages also available with separate skid mounted cupro-nickel to keep the pool side seperate from the heating. Modulation, lead/lag staging, and condensing, are just some of the many options with the Lochinvar pool heaters.