As technology advances, Hambrick-Ferguson follows. VRF (Variable Refrigerent Flow) systems are rapidly changing the future of air conditioning in the United States. With variable compressor technology and variable stepped expansion valves, tight temperature controls are achieved in each room for optimum comfort, and providing some the highest efficiency units in the market.

Hambrick-Ferguson works closely with the end user, engineer, and contractor to provide a seamless design plan with precisely engineered refrigerant piping to ensure proper calculations and efficient operation of all SAMSUNG/QUIETSIDE VRF systems

With the SAMSUNG and Quietside catalog, we have access to HIGH SEER residential and commercial minisplits ranging from 7,000 btu through 96,000 btu evaporators. Whether you need heating for your garage, home, or office building, we have the systems capable. We range from individual units all the way to a carefully engineered 36 TON single system, with large system integration into existing BMS or the provided SAMSUNG.

Commercial Systems

Welcoming the new SAMSUNG DVMS VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery System capable of having the highest SEER, IEER, and COP ratings in the industry. Up to 27 SCHE Rating.

With custom compressor designs, no more oil balancing lines, and vibrationless design will continue to give us the longest piping runs in the industry with 20% more heating/cooling per tonnage than competition. With our continued use of Vapor Injection technology, we can diversify up to 130% capacity and still maintain during the harshest of seasons. Please See our Brochure for the new DVMS System. We now offer 3/460V with 6, 8, 10, 12 Ton condensers with a combined up to 36 ton configuration and simple Wi-Fi commissioning reporting.

Mini-Splits - Ductless & Ducted

We are proud to welcome the new SAMSUNG Whisper Quiet high wall stand alone inverter minisplit, available in 3/4 ton through 2 ton. With SEER Ratings up to 23 SEER. We currently have the Whisper Quiet units available in our Tulsa warehouse ready for purchase and immediate pickup.


Like no other, this is a revolutionary designed triangle construction, allowing a larger fan wheel, for longer air throw, more volume, and even better comfort control:

Air Distribution

The Whisper throws it's airflow the furthest of any other Mini Split in the marker, cooling to parts of the room no other Mini Split could reach:

Whisper Quiet Warranty

Backed by one of the strongest warranty's in the minisplit market, the SAMSUNG Whisper Quiet unit carries a 7 Year Compressor, 5 Year Parts, and 1 Year Labor Warranty.

SAMSUNG also offers a wide range of single minisplits ranging from 3/4 ton through 4 ton evaporators in highwall, ceiling, and ducted evaporators. MAX-Heat Heat pumps are capable of heating in -5F outdoor temperatures with capability to have wired wall thermostats. SAMSUNG also provides multi-zone, Free-Joint-Multi (FJM) units that have single condenser with multiple indoor units up to 4 ton. SAMSUNG units are capable of high seer with optimum heating capacities and are 1/208-230/60hz voltage.

Quietside Minisplits carry a small division of high seer units as well as 1/115/60hz Voltage Cooling Only and Heat Pumps. Check out Quietside's listing of Heat Pumps.

Hambrick-Ferguson carries 3/4 ton through 3 ton units in our Tulsa warehouse, ready with copper linesets and accessories.